Last night I dreamt that I was naked on a carousel. Round and round I went, and the saddle began to dig into my skin, and no one took any notice except for an old woman who gave me a toothy grin each time we passed each other. When the music stopped, she walked with me.

"Why are you here?" she asked, still with that mirthless smirk on her wizened face.

"I'm looking for my clothes. I was told they'd be here."

"Who told you that?"

"They did."

"Your clothes?"

"Yes, they came to me in my sleep. I was given specific instructions to wait by the carousel at sunset", I told her. "But it's almost midnight now", I added sadly.

"Why don't you buy new clothes?" she asked.

"I would, but I was rather attached to my old ones. They were quite loyal, too, until they just took off one day."


"Well they wanted to travel the world. They wanted to be flopped about by the wind without flapping against my body. So they flew to freedom, and it's been two weeks today."

I sighed and shivered a little in the cold night air. The woman smiled, and as she walked away, she hugged her coat tighter around her frail body, as if afraid it would fly off into the moonlit night.


©2019 by Miss Moody.