Fleeting feelings

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

It begins with a fleeting feeling A thought

sitting cross-legged, waiting patiently

to be thought upon

and the longer you ignore, the louder the noise it creates tugging at your brain from that tiny little space little attention-seeker thought, trying to engage your mind

When finally you sit up and take notice of all the screaming going on inside an uncontrollable spasm rocks your nerves and the thought

courses through with an all-consuming fire

It seeps through your veins right till the tips of your fingers it immobilizes you

with a sudden hold Your eyes fixate

on a spot on the wall that blank space

three inches south of the clock

And you’re faced with a decision - the work staring expectantly at you, or this idea taking form that you have to must verbalize before it curls up inwards like a tight, stubborn fist that will not be coaxed to open

from its faraway corner of your cluttered mind

So there you are, still staring fingers fumbling for a pen or keyboard work procrastinated, “Something came up!” and a furious scribble later:

a satisfactory quieting of your insides, a grin on your face that gets wiped off, when confronted with deadlines.


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